Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life is a journey.

Ping is a successful business lady. Out of a her busy schedule, she was given an incentive trip abroad for 2 weeks. She was so busy, when she had no time to pack and plan the necessary prior to her holiday. Until the last nite before departure, did she manage to arrange her luggage. She was tired and felt unpleasant, even though she was about to leave tomorrow for her vacation. It was sad to see her not appreciating this holiday.

To most people who are on holiday, the destination is important. But in actual fact, the destination is only secondary. Is the planning of the holiday that makes you feel happy and excited. Ping should have taken more time to plan before she flow off. She should check the various options of her places of visit. Perhaps while reading those information of her visits, she could visualize the places of excitement, the food & drinks, the comfort of accommodation and those tourist spots of interest. With all these understanding, she should be able to plan and pack what are necessary for her trip. In fact the minute she had the thought of this holiday, the holiday had already started. Just that she was not aware of it. She thought the holiday was the destination and not those planning before the trip. She missed the best part of a holiday.

Life is the same. Every one wants to be successful. To us success is the destination. Before reaching success, the journey towards success is the best part of lives. We start by putting in hard work and determination. Along the way, we face hardship and problems. We have to overcome them before we can reach another stage of learning. At times we are rejected and being criticised. However we take all these as challenges of life. All mistakes of lives are our teachers. We learn, relearn and unlearn to perfect ourselves. Without realising, we are actually molding our character to a stronger personality. Finally when we are successful or have reached success, I am sure our confidence level is greater than before we started this journey of life. Is good to be successful but without the journey of life, one will never be successful.

Chinese Proverb - "A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trails."


Ian Ng said...

Hi there uncle Foo.
I came across your blog from a friend's site and decided to read just one of your posts and I stumbled upon this one.

This has indeed impacted me a lot as my past months studying here in sydney has been hell. From my mum's accidents, to accomodation issues etc.

But your article here has indeed been an eye opener for me. I am learning from these mistakes and turn these weaknesses into strengths.

I do thank you for that. And do wish that you continue this wonderful blog of inspiration to others and that it'll impact others just as it did to me.

Thanks once again.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ian,

Call me just Robert & I will be more happier. I am glad my wisdom has enlightened you. Every thing happened for a purpose. When I was young, mistakes were my teachers. I hope, I could help more others to make lesser mistakes now.

Thank you for your comments.

Ian Ng said...

Thanks Robert. And I belive me stumbling on your blog and reading this one single post was for a purpose too.

All the best in everything you do in the future.