Friday, April 18, 2008

Insurance claim is more important than a sale.

A lady associate called to seek my advice. She had a claim cheque in hand for a client who is currently on chemotherapy. She is extremely busy the next two days for she will be leaving for an incentive oversea trip awarded by our company. Her holiday takes 10 days or more. This is the fourth payment cheque at only three thousand ringgit which to her is a small amount. The client is residing in the centre of the city where she might find difficulties to park her car. For all these inconvenient, she wasn't sure whether she should deliver the cheque personally to her client today, or to mail it, or to hand over later when she returns.

My advices to this disturbed and distracted agent. No life insurance sale will be completed until final payment is paid. Either maturing pay-out, sickness or death payments. Selling is immediate. Whereas payment of claims are uncertain. Sometimes it takes years to experience one death claim. I told her as far as I am concerned, I will always take claims as my first priority of work. If I had a choice to sell or to hand deliver a claim, whether is small or a big one, I will pick to hand over the claim cheque to my client first. I rather loose the sale than not to face my client who is sick and unwell. My sickly client might be unpleasant for any reasons, I would still want to see her personally. I would attempt to cheer her with my understanding of life, plus showing her the miracle of life insurance. Remembering this statement; "Buy Life Insurance when you don't need it. When you need it, you can't buy." Now that she is sick, our life insurance comes to replace her needs. Having a new sale is nice but handling a cheque to our sickly client is even more rewarding. I could see her smile and hope. After all, happiness is to see others happy. I reminded this lost agent, a sale is only one point to our achievement measurement. However a successful claim is 10 points to our personal gratification. Or should I say, a sale is only a glory of your mind but a claim is the passion of your heart. The rest I left it to the lady agent to decide.

Later of the evening, this agent whom I have high hope on, text a message to me. She wrote; "Thank you my dear for reminding me to do my job correctly. I saw my client smiled, even she had done four chemo but I'm so happy to see her smiled." Without her knowing, I was equally happy for her and myself. In my heart it said, "Thanks God! My dear took my advices."

The definition of happiness by John Roberts - "Happiness is living in a state of freely choosing to create and exchange one's rational values with others."


Anonymous said...

I would definitely agree with you, I`m working for a Toronto life insurance company and I`ve realized that if my work ended by only selling the plans I would change my profession I think. I like to have discussion with my clients, but to be an agent it`s not a grateful role as you made it precise in your article. I think it`s an essential plan if you have family and you want to know they will be at least financially secured.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Broker,

You are luckier than me when you don't need to sell. Nobody buys life insurance. It is the life insurance agents who ask others to buy. Coz we know, they can only buy when they don't need it and when they need it, they can't buy. Thank you for commenting.