Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love is blind on odd couples.

While waiting for our cars to be serviced, I had a friendly gossip with another customer. The attending service clerk was a pretty tall girl. Our of curiosity we asked her, "My dear, you are tall for your age. What is your height?" She was brave to reply, "I am 5 feet 8 inches (considered as tall for Asian female). I am the shortest at home. All my sisters are taller but not the boys." We continued, "Is your boyfriend taller than you?" She was quick to respond, "No lah! My boyfriend is slightly shorter. Is difficult to get taller man. I think we females are growing taller than most men." We asked, "Do you mind if he is shorter?" She put on a broad smile, "Not at all coz we love each other. Although he is shorter, he is intelligent and caring which are more important to me."

As we gossiped along, from afar, we noticed there was a couple who was holding hands side by side. The woman was very fat but the man was very skinny. As we were staring this odd couple, this question was thrown out, "Why a fat needs a thinner partner?" The logic is a fat person likes to be thinner and a thinner person likes to be fatter. Most likely the fat lady sees her shinny man as ideal and the skinny man loves to have a fatter partner. Further more, it will be difficult for two heavy size lovers to make love on bed. One the other hand, if one is fat and one is shinny, they can still be able to adjust their needs accordingly. Please use your imagination here.

These are gossip wisdom which have facts of life as well. Love is blind. The tall or short won't deter love grows. Neither the fat or thin would actually mind. As long as true love is there, it will overrule all sizes, height and weight of the person.

From one of my blog admirer, Ladyvanity - "We come by love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."