Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Life Insurance Agent Philosophy

This morning I am going to give a talk on 'Life Insurance Agent Philosophy'. I don't know why they have picked this title. I thought it was easy, until I asked myself what is the real meaning of this simple and yet so powerful word, Philosophy. I searched the Oxford Dictionary which tells the exact meaning. Philosophy is pursuit of wisdom or of knowledge. The word wisdom excited me because it is the subject I love to share. All of a sudden, I know this is one talk I will definitely enjoy to share with my fellow colleagues. Perhaps I also take this opportunity to write a little of what I have in mind to show to my readers here.

Selling Life Insurance is a professional job which needs a lot of commitment and passion. Before one is allowed to sell, a new agent has to learn. To learn about the products, the law and regulation that governed our insurance, the selling skill, the services from our company, investment and financial planning. We have extensive, intensive and constant training provided by the industry, company and agencies. The more knowledge an agent has over these trainings, the better equipped will be the agent. A committed agent needs to have the keen desire to pursue his knowledge in order to succeed in this career.

However just the pursuit of knowledge in life insurance matters isn't enough. The understanding of life is even more important. As the word is spelled as LIFE Insurance, life depicts the wisdom of lives in general. Life starts from the time a child is born. Life ends with the sorrow of death. From birth to death is a journey of uncertainties. There are happiness on the way and at times there are also the suffering. Each part of lives has different way of living. The young might not understand the needs of the future or the old might not be able to control his destiny. The poor suffers and the rich might not understand the suffering of the poor. The rich could be comfortable but he might have some silent or hidden suffering you could not see. The man needs a woman and equally she also needs him, for everyone has to be loved. You can be young once but youthfulness isn't meant to be forever, as old is more of permanent. The young needs the old but without the young, neither can the old survive by themselves. These are all considered as facts of life which cannot be taught. To earn this wisdom, an agent has to have the passion and love to pursue and understand how the world lives and survives.

With knowledge you could be intelligent but with knowledge and wisdom of life, an agent can be more profound and refine in his selling. Just with strong based knowledge, an agent might be arrogance and selfish in behaviour. But adding with wisdom in his pursuit of knowledge, the agent would be more complete in character. Most likely the refining of his mind and heart, makes him to be more humble, kind hearted, caring, responsible and more committed in all his undertaking.

Conclusion; A successful committed life insurance agent is one who constantly pursues of wisdom and knowledge to enhance this career.

Young Kat - "Difficulties mastered are opportunities won. He who has hope has everything. Happy is the man that finds wisdom."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
All of us possess wisdom but we are not aware of it. When you have the divine guidance, You can develop your potential and life will be meaningful!
Good Luck & All the Best to You!
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat,

I am glad that God has blessed me the little divine guidance. In return, I am willing to share to those who are willing to listen. Tomorrow I have been invited to a Private Company to share a Talk pertaining to Work Philosophy to their working staffs. I hope my wisdom could enlighten them. Thanks again.

Chris Morris said...

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