Friday, January 04, 2008

Earn your trust in selling

Recently two of my existing clients took my advices to effect their life insurances as company director benefits. There were many necessary forms and proposals which they had to sign. One of them instructed their secretary, "Whatever Robert needs, please give them to him. We totally believe and trust him." The job was done much easier together with premium paid accordingly.

Many new agents would be impressed and amazed on how the sales were conducted so easily. It was an easy sale no doubt but it took me more than twenty years to make it looked easy. At the beginning, I had to earn my creditability by working very hard. I never failed my promises and my appointments were always on the dot. There were many occasions when my clients faced hardship, I would be the first to be there. I offered encouragement and advices which eventually helped them to where they are. I saw them getting marry and happily raising their children. Should their children went astray, I rendered my advices and correct them as mine. My sincerity could be felt and my honesty has been proven. I am not just an agent to them. They have taken me as their personal friend. The sales were concluded mainly on our trust for each other.

I believe all existing life insurance agents can be successful, if only they are prepared to practise love and passion in selling. The longer you remain in this career, the selling will be easier and happier. Nothing is easy but if you love what you are doing, then it will be easy.

A little poem to share:
"Lift may fail sometimes,
But whatever may be the occassion.
Stairs will always get u to the top.
Luck might help u once.
Hardwork helps always."

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