Saturday, January 19, 2008

Woman is stronger & man is selfish.

Do you love your mum or dad more? Both parents could have given the best to raise their children, but it was the mother who suffered more in labor to give birth to her children. The children have the name of their father, who endlessly worked to support them when they were young. Nonetheless the bonding of mother with her children is still greater. Simply because she conceived and delivered them. They are part of her and like a mirror of her ownself. The father would never be able to have this emotion as the mother. He played a very small role by merely deposited his joyful sperms and the mother had to bear the joyful pain for life. Even in the animal world, the male mates with the female who willingly succumb to his approaches. Later when the female gives birth to her young, it still be the mother who will look and care for the little one. The male seldom bother to stay back. Perhaps this is natural instinct of animal and man, with the female loving the children greater then the male.

Whether we like it or not, it looks like woman is stronger and man is more selfish in nature. Not today any more, cause woman is getting smarter when they don't just take the pain alone by themselves. They want the man to bear the pain of life together with the family. Otherwise they could live without man and yet the children are still bonded with the mother. High time that we, the man have to awake ourselves. Love our mothers and all the women in the world as they are very important to us.

This quote of happiness by Harriet Meyerson; "Happiness comes only from appreciating what you have right now. You can even be happy by appreciating your troubles because they are helping to build your character."

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