Monday, January 07, 2008

Silent Sorrow of intelligent wise man

In every stage of life, we have different types of living problem. The childhood innocent, the adulthood of struggling in the pursuit of knowledge, middle age crisis and finally the silent sorrow of later life. The upper three are quite noticeable but silent sorrow is hidden and not spoken. Especially on the man part which I like to share today.

As a man struggles in life to achieve his family, social, career and financial success, he has to work hard to get them. Along the way, he has to gain knowledge to be smart and intelligent for pursuing his purposes of life. Time is a main factor to acquire his dreams and goals. One can't be knowledgeable and wise when one is still young of age. Nature has to play its part when only one is much older, for then he is able to gain his knowledge and wisdom more. Usually when a man who has gathered all these strength, his family would have finally grown up too. His children are all independence by themselves and his wife is a free woman by now, having reached the menopause of life. If the man has knowledge and wisdom, he usually is an intelligent person who also knows how to take care of his health and well being of himself. A healthy man of any age is definitely a sexually an active person. Unless a man is sick and unhealthy, sex is out of his mind. These are true facts of medical life.

However the sad part of life for this healthy, intelligent and older man is, very few people would understand his silent sorrow. His loved older wife can't be his sexual active partner any more. His love for her doesn't permit him to be unfaithful. His respectful children look upon the father with full respect without the slightest thought of him being a naughty one. His communities, spiritual members, relatives, friends, clients and those who know him, take him as a man of dignity and good moral standing. He is taken more like a saint who lives without defect and mistake. He has sexual needs when he can't talk about it. He has to behave and pretend that everything is under control. He gives a false image to depict he is a fully satisfied and contented person in life. In fact, actually he lives in misery which I termed as Silent Sorrow.

One typical true case happened in our country, a senior politician was framed and caught having an affair with his love. The whole country took him as morally as wrong and sinful. With braveness, he admitted his mistakes and decided to resign from his political position. This intelligent older man was never given a chance. Is a real pity cause most younger people who voted his resignation could not understand the wisdom of life, the silent sorrow of later life. The brave lives for himself but most who are weak minded, live to show others. What are you?

A strong reminder from Albert Einstein; "Try not to become a man of success but a man of value."


Anonymous said...

It's funny how someone else's private sex life suddenly becomes the business of everyone. I don't agree he should resigned because of it, a politician should go because of incompetence at delivering his work, corruption, etc. The real victims here are his wife and family not us.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear Vicky...

Looks like u do understand about man and some facts of life. Bravo. Thanks again.