Saturday, January 12, 2008

Instinct to survive

Is an instinct for plants, animals and human being to fight for survival in living. Look at those trees in the thick jungles. In order for them to grow, they have to out beat each other by growing higher and higher for reaching towards the sunlight. With water and soil below but without sufficient of sunlight their green will not survive. This is plant natural instinct to grow. I had a bitch which gave birth to six cute little puppies. With their own self instinct again, they had to reach to their mother for milk. Nobody taught them and yet as a few days old puppies, they lived by milking themselves. Out of the six, one died out of starvation because she was not aggressive enough to reach to her mother's milk. The fittest and brave survive, whereas the weak and soft will drop out in life. Not forgetting these are only plants and animals only.

Today, we Malaysian are very dependable on foreign workers to assist our domestic and general manpower. Most of these workers are from the third world countries. We might think they are not smart but in fact I believe they could be smarter than many of us. I personally observed all foreign workers who have being working here for a short period of time, speak most of our local dialects and languages. They could master and speak our tongue better than many of our local people here. They could learn so fast for a simple reason because they need to survive in a foreign land. Without proper communication, they will not be wanted here. This proved, man has the instinct to live and to survive in all difficult manner.

My intention to write this title of Instinct To Survive is to remind our young Malaysian to adopt a stronger perception of life. If we were to take life too casually and too easily, I am afraid we might loose the natural instinct to fight for our national survival. We have came a long way of 50 years Independence and are looking forward to be a fully developed nation by 2020. We need to be stronger in spirit and greater in determination, so that we will not be overtaken by those who are fitter and braver. Malaysian Boleh! Cause we have the instinct to survive.

Meaning quote by Frank Loyd Wright, "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."

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