Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is your smile a genuine one?

The sweetest smile is a smile from the heart. A smile represents your character and personality. If you truly have sincerity and kindness, your smile shows. Or if you have hate and anger while smiling, your smile will never be a genuine one. Smile could be effective in selling when you meet your clients. To have that genuine smile for your clients, you have to smile with a thought of sincerity and willingness to meet. The sweetness of that smile will definitely be seen and felt. Most sales were lost because the smiles came with some unpleasant and unreliable senses. The logic is all smiles are actually controlled by our mind.

Equally when a man loves a lady, his smile has to be felt with warm and trust. Is like a voice softly spoken to her, "I love you darling." In turn she replied with another sweeter smile of 'I love you too.' Or if both are excited and have intention to romance, smiles in the heart and murmurs in the mind, "I miss u! I need u! I want u!" You will be surprised, those smiles are not verbal but they can be sensed and acknowledged. So to those who are timid lovers, you don't need to say it out but just smile as much from your heart to your love...she/he knows. I love to smile to my sweetheart. My smiles make her loves me even more. Is it true my dear?

Is true what Chris Hart wrote; "All the statistics in the world can't measure the warm of a smile."

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