Monday, January 14, 2008

China dolls are here.

Is natural when men meet, we talk about woman. I wonder when women meet, do they talk about us! Latest subject was quite a frightening one. Most middle aged women, married and unmarried are losing interest in sex. Their husbands and boyfriends alternatively are seeking freelance younger ladies to satisfy their needs and desire. Most of these professional female companions are from Mainland China. They are around the early twenties, young and attractive for our Malaysian but considered old and unpopular in their home land. They came as regular visitors and they know who to reach when they are here. Through the years, they have compiled and gathered a full set of male clients' data base or references with contacts. Usually they would sms to all the prospective male clients upon arrival here. Informing the men who they are; of age, specialising in what skills, loving, gentle and satisfaction guarantee. Their prices are much cheaper than our local serving ladies.

These imported China dolls understand our Malaysian style of living. They know our strength and weaknesses. They know what our men like and what our women dislike. They target the middle income class, where both husband and wife work to maintain their families. Due to growing pressure from business, career or at work, most couples tend to be stressful in nature. By the time husband and wife reached home, they have little time to communicate and to romance. The most badly affected age groups are those above forty who have lost interest in intimacy. With the appearance of these sexy young China dolls, they in turn replace the role of wives and lovers. Their beauty excites and stimulates our men who have been abstained from sex in their home. These China dolls really know the needs and wants of our neglected men. They provide tender love and passion. They seduce and they tempt our men. They are so likeable here because they could satisfy our men who seldom get what they want from our women. Our women are more interested in building career, while the China dolls are building lust relationship with our blinded men. Is disturbing but this is the true facts of what are unseen happening. It is a price we have to pay for a progressing nation like us. I hope my little sharing could open the eyes and ears of our women. Yes! Woman's career is important but don't forget your man either. He needs your attention and love as well. Loves him and protects him. Including me also!!

Quote from Tom Bodett, "They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world. Someone to love, something to do, and somethng to hope for."

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