Monday, January 21, 2008

When is money most needed?

When is money most needed in life? Is it to getting marry, or children education, or buying a house, or having a long overdue holiday or to give the best to your parents? All these are important and most likely you could solve them if you are still healthily alive. However when you are dead or critically sick or totally and permanently disable, that is the time when money will be most needed. Most people think of good happening more. Seldom they visualize the unforeseen. A professional life insurance agent offers the peace of mind to their prospective clients. I am proud to be one, for I always remind those I encountered that Life Insurance is money to be given, when your family needs it most.

Many of my clients who had passed away, life insurance offered hopes and dreams to their survivors. Their children could continue their studies. Their houses were not taken by their bankers, as the loans were settled in time. Although their parents were sad but the old foes lived on. Those who fell critically sick or disabled, our life insurances helped to ease their pain.

Selling life insurance is a noble profession. It takes a lot of guts, patience, learning and understanding of life to make it. I will never trade my career for another business opportunities. Coz there are still many homes and families that need to be saved.

Quote by Christopher Morley; "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way."

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