Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We are your mirror of your future.

I have three good classmates and we have been friends for more than 45 years. Sometimes I wonder whether we really have lived a rightful life. We can't change the past but we can change the future if we take choices of the present.

Let me describe a little about my three hero friends. SP has been a conservative, strict and unchanged person. He worked very hard since young. Although owning a little grocery store, without changes, his business remains stagnant and is not doing well. He has always been an unhappy person because he lives with an unforgiven heart. Due to some unforeseen quarrel with his family, his career wife left him quite many years ago. Without love in his heart, he turns stubborn, arrogant and unfriendly. Talking to him has to be careful.

Next is PL who is cheerful and daring. He was a corporate man who later became self employed. Although wish to be retired from his small scale trading business, he likes to keep in touch with his associates and friends. One of his interesting hobby is to get to know many darlings. Almost all the China dolls who visited our city knew him as a big brother. Those young attractive Chinese dolls make him feel young and active in life. His philosophy in mind is; "why keep one love when you can have many."

The last is KD who is the quietest of all. Had not achieved any thing fantastic in his working life. Always lives alone and still remains a bachelor. Again without love, his heart isn't contented. Without proper care and attention on his personal well being, he is a diabetic for many years. He lives a quiet life and not interested in female.

Looking at them and understand their characters, I definitely will not follow their footsteps. I am the youngest among them in months but already a grand dad of five grand children. Non of them have grand child yet. Yet they feel like an old man who has nothing to look forward to in living. They have lost their personal drive and are counting their days. I hardly heard them exercising, except sometimes just slow walk. Whereas I jog and pump iron in the gym on a regular routine. They keep to themselves whereas I reach to everyone. They have nothing to share but I love opening my arms to the whole world. Except PL who carries his mobile phone to contact through sms with all his darlings, the other two heroes know only to call out and receive calls from their mobile phones. Non of them are interested to excess the internet for knowledge. They don't even know I am a blogger who write about them at the moment. What a pity! I am so sad for them because they are not prepared to change and advance against time. They are at lost in their old world. I could have gathered the same knowledge and wisdom like them but I am willing to impart my learning to those who seek my assistance. The more I give, the more I receive, which they don't realise. They have forgotten their original playfulness as a child, whereas I still remain as naughty as ever. They felt that they are growing old by the days, whereas I feel that I am still growing up with so much more to learn. I am looking forward to see myself in another 20 productive years ahead, which they can't visualize like me either. Coz I love talking. As talking is a hobby to me. And I have the licence to talk because I am a life insurance agent. I can continue to reach and touch lives as long as I live. The difference of me and them is, I know where to get my positive energy and at the same time I am also an energy giver. I hope my three friends would one day, read this blog which might change their prospective of life.

Quote from Vince Lombardi; "The different between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."

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