Saturday, January 26, 2008

To learn is to live.

To progress and to grow, we have to learn. And learning should be kept forever, as long as one lives. Anyway it's easily said but it is not easy to do. When we were a little child, our parents were there to guide and to take care of us. Later were those teachers who educated us. When we were adults we could be inspired easily by the surrounding. However when one turns older, things would change. The parents were no longer there to advise. His friends might not have the courage to tell him to change. Older mind has lesser motivation. They refused to accept changes and are reluctant to progress with the younger generation. They prefer to stay aloof and are not prepared to learn further. This is the old age syndrome of most people, applicable to male and female.

I am lucky in many ways for not falling into the trap of aging syndrome. Although I might be an energy giver to others, but I too have to tap those who could be brave and sincere to energise me at times. After all I am still a human being who grows and have feeling. I just came back from our company three days convention where we learned and relearned. In fact, if it was not a good lady friend who was much younger than me, who tickled and disturbed my thought, I would have not participated in this interesting event. I had gained some extra knowledge, caught up with many good associates and most important of all, I felt younger and happier by attending those classes.

To the younger people, keep learning to gain the knowledge of life. To those wiser foes, keep learning to stay alive. To that special dear who stands besides me, I have to thank you for your inspiration and advices. Though you are young but you really have a great heart for me. Thanks so much again dear.

This is what I learned from Dennis Waitley, "Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving."

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