Friday, January 18, 2008

Blissfulness can't be purchased.

My dear was pondering something she could not understand. There is a Korean friend who has the heart to support children who needed educational financial assistance. Although he is not really rich but merely a middle income earner, he is prepared to shoulder those who could not afford to pay for their studies. What more he is a foreigner helping our locals to fulfill their dreams and hopes. A challenge most ordinary people won't do at all.

Most people would think the man was stupid to help someone you do not know. It takes a lot of understanding of life to know the purpose of his sincerity. Helping someone from your heart is virtue. It is the purity of thought and heart to comprehend the willingness to assist without condition. If you could reach this level of kindness, you will feel the blissfulness beyond your imagination. A feeling that money cannot buy. This great philosophical Korean is most admirable to us.

Quote from Johann Wolfgang; "Knowing is not enough: we must apply. Willing is not enough: we must do."

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