Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Naughtiness comes with creativeness & braveness.

I was anxiously waiting 2007 to end and looking forward to 2008. On the eve of the New Year, I sent a special message to many of my friends. It was worded as, "Hellooo.. Do u know u have less than 10 hours before 2007 ends. Last chance for u to be naughty for this year coz next year u have to be even naughtier. Right young man/ my dear?" As I am much older than most of my younger friends, I wanted to see what they feel and how they react. This is what I called, "Do the common things in an uncommon way. The world will be at your command." I received countless replies and well wishes in return. Not all are brave. Some are cheeky and intelligent.

I like to share these, likable, cheeky and creative responses which you might laugh:-
Abd Hamid; "Y bother about 13 hours, u have 8760 hours to look to, naughty man."

Abd Rahim; "Remaining 13 hrs sufficient to earmark who & how many will be the 2008 victims of the naughtier-man! (or instead he could become grandma's victim!) he he."

Abd Rahim; "A person good in sales are truly creative (Handling objections converting 'prospects' to become 'loyal clients'). So 'naughtier' means "raising d bar" in everything one does good at! GO FOR THE BIG FISH (victims)"

Julius Kew; "Absolutely!"

Izham; "Right! Esp when i have u as my mentor."

Fun Fun; "Yes you are extremely right."

Lee; "I'll be naughtier and you'll be younger in the next 6 hrs later."

Chua SH; "You're right young man. Happy New Year."

Debbie; "Absolutely!"

Goh CH; "Tq very much my good friend. I am as young as u. Happy New Year."

Hanafiah,"Good one. Happy New Year."

Jayanthi," Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body but rather to skid in sideways - chardonnay in one hand, chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming: woo hoo, what a ride! Happy New year 2008."

Manjit; "My quota to be naughty is up for this year. I m waiting for 2008 so that I can be naughtier. My dear what about u. Happy New Year."

MaryV; "The Beer Prayer: Out beer in the barrel, hallowed b thy smell, thy taste so sweet, thy high will come, so high we feel like in heaven.. Give us today our daily beer, forgive us our spills against us, do not bring us to intoxication but deliver us from any road blocks! Amen... Love and Happy New Year."

Elena; "Yes I agreed with you. U must be very naughty tonite."

Junnie; "Thanks for the reminder. Nowadays I must admit, I am old suddenly dun have energy and excitement to be naughty already. U are luckier as u are getting younger and still have excitemement. Happy 2008."

IreneTan; "I don't think soooo... I thought with every year, months, weeks, days, hrs and minutes passed, we grow wiser and more sensible in everything we do or to be done. So naughty ah... Once in a blue moon la! I mean still can. But be sensible lor! Ha ha ha. My dear wish u a marvellous year to come. Happy New Year."

Abd Thani; "Have to stop doing all those naughty things. Am in Mecca now doing my hajj. Anyway thanks brother for your wishes. Happy New Year."

Albert; "I wish u in Year 2008! Fantastic Jan, Lovable Feb, Marvellous, Luckiest April, Enjoyable May, Successful June, Wonderful July, Independence Aug, Tastiest Oct, Beautiful Nov, Happiest Dec. Happy 2008."

Rf replied; "I still prefer naughtiest year ahead."

Julian; "Very true! Will try my very best the naughtiest for the last 3 hours."

Steven; "Dear Sifu, how to be naughty without Sifu? No Sifu, No Play? Happy 2008." End.

From their replies, I learned most people are not brave and daring. Those who are simple and normal in character are very conservative and careful in nature. Few are outspoken and prepared to take challenges. Most take the word, 'naughty' as dirty or bad in meaning. Or perhaps, all like to be naughty in some ways or another but are shameful and shy to express it out in words. Beneath their hearts, they wish to be naughty but in their mind they don't have the guts. Naughtiness to me is purely of good emotion and expression. When we were a child, we were playful and naughty. However as we turn adult, we lost the innocent part of our playfulness. Those who are naughty, tend to be more creative and active in life. When I said, I am going to be more naughtier in the year ahead, my meaning is to be more aggressive towards my growing up in years. To me is positiveness without the thought of bad intention of any kind. I am too glad to be able to feel this way at 60 but to react and think like 36 at this moment. This is truly the strength of naughtiness. I tap this force to energize and vitalize my challenging life ahead. Naughtiness comes with creativeness and braveness.

I strong believe Leon J. Suenes statement, "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."


Anonymous said...

I plan to be very "naughty" too this year ;) How? By giving out a lot more love to people I care about, people who I dare not care about before.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Vicky,
Your name can be a male or a female. If u are a man, be naughty enough to make a lot of your lady friends happier and merrier. If you are a female, offer your sweetest charm to tickle all your male friends with excitement and love for you. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lady ! :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Vicky,

I have to call u dear then. Nice to have lady readers around. They make life so wonderful for the world. Please be around more often. Thanks again.