Thursday, January 10, 2008

Making love makes a person more likeable.

Are you aware that how arrogant and frustrated a person is, when you make love, all anger and frustration will temporary on hold. Not only that negative emotion disappears, instead your mind get stimulated. Arrogance turns to excitement and anger becomes sweetness. You might be a person who speaks less loving words. But when you are making love, your words are so romantic and loving. Perhaps that is the time, your heart is being soothed with much comfort and joy that allows you to speak lovingly.

This power phrase is absolutely has logic; "Happiness is to see other happier." When you are making love, you are actually making your partner happier by sexually satisfying him or her. Upon seeing your partner gaining his/her satisfaction, in turn yourself are equally excited too. Excitement of both partners leads to happiness and contentment of lives. Making love is like telling each other, we make each other happier physically and emotionally.

So the next time, when you are angry, upset, arrogant, not motivated, frustrated or even lazy, try making love. Is one way that will solve your immediate problem. Especially when a couple who is at quarrel, best way is to jump on the bed and start making love. Those who have little sweet words are those who dislike making love less. Unless you change to like making love, most likely you would remain to be an unlovable or an unlikeable person. The best way to see whether is logical of my words here, is; ask yourself what type of person you are. If you are the one who likes making love, I am sure you are a likeable person who have loves for others too. On the hand, if you are the type who dislikes making love, I am sorry to say, most likely you have very little loves and affection for others. To me personally, these are all facts of life we have to face. I am a likeable and lovable person.

Quote from Jules Renard; "As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more."

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