Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

The 2007 had ended and 2008 is here. WoW!!! I have survived 60 years on Planet Earth. When I was a little child, I could not imagine what it is like to be at 60. I thought it was an age which I could not reach. With the blessing from The Almighty Universe I am here, fit and well. The 60 is just my biological age but my true heartfelt age was 37 and just turned 36 today. Most of my secret admirers will witness this declaration. Right.. honey, darling, sweetheart and dearie. Do you agree? Through the journey of my life, I had gathered the experiences to earn the little wisdom of age. The learning and understanding of people, allow me to broaden my knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom make me a happier person who is prepared to serve rather than to be served. My mind is contented and my heart is full of love. Contentment and love lead to purity of my total self. This is a balance force of nature which allows a person to live on blissfully.

Today I set my resolution and my goal. With this blessed energy and divine force, I am confident I will live right towards age 75. To stay and feel young and healthy all the way. Retirement is never in my mind. My hobby as talking and life insurance is the license that permits me to continue talking. My wisdom and knowledge should be shared without condition to those who need them. In order to be different from most people of my age, I have to stay physically strong by constant exercising and proper diet. I have to understand and to apply the true word of love. To love others and others to love me as well. Not forgetting that special lady to be besides me. Because, no man can walk the distance of life without the lady he loves most. The first 60 years was a tough journey but the next fifteen years and more should me much easier. I know I can and I will live to it.

Love, can make people happy. Money, makes the world goes round. But friend ahh!! They make life worth living. Especially the one who is reading my blog now. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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