Tuesday, December 09, 2008

9 + 1 = ONE brain

Is there a remote control to adjust the look of a person? Sounds funny!!! Isn't it? If a lady is too sexy, some would say she is bad...not good for good man. If her busts are huge, you say she is tempting or if they are small, you complain....ayah!!! flat like airstrip. If she is attractive, you say she wants to attract attention but if she is simple, you don't want to look at her. This is not only applicable to ladies, men like us are not spared too. I dress young with fanciful sport shirt and jean, they said I am naughty and playful but if I change to dull and simple clothing, they said my days are gone.

Not only look is commented coz emotion is being observed as well. If a lady is too romantic and loving, you say she is bitchy and itchy but if she is not...you say she is not a woman. I am a caring and loving man who dare to express my feeling openly. They said I am a playful naughty old man. If I pretend to be a goodie goodie person, they said I have lost my manhood already. Which ever way, we try to look and feel...the world will still criticise and comment on us. The only way to live is to live for yourself. Be happy with what you are and not afraid of what others see in you.

While writing on my blog, I am learning from those who shared on my readers' comment columns too. Yesterday one of my regular reader, Red Lavender wrote something interesting which I like to share. She said...."A saying = A man have 9 brains while the woman have 1 brain. To conclude a man + woman = complete brain. The fact is, noone can live alone, there must be that someone who makes us the wise person to enrich the relationship and develop it to become what we call LOVE. Love give us meaning to life and everything with love becomes so balance when managed wisely by the man and supported well by the woman. Its the fact of life..GOD works in amazing ways".

Have to tell little darling, I have the 9 brains and she has the one to make it complete our brain. With it, we have LOVE.... we need not be bother how people look at us. Coz love has the miracle of life. Thank you Red Lavender for such simple formula of love.

Food for the heart - "Only when we give joyfully, without hesistation or thought of gain, can we truly know what love means" - Leo Buscaglie


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I am always happy to share any thoughts and tips that may benefit others.Hope others will also have their share to tell.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL...

You really are rich in heart too. I hope your words would encourage others to do so.