Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Confused in love..spiritual & physical.

YF is a divorcee in her mid forty with two teenage growing children. She is a successful self employed attractive and intelligent professional. At the moment she is caught in between the spiritual and the physical world. She loves her religion and follows strictly by its rules and at the same time she is in love silently with a man who is married. The man is loving, understanding, caring with all qualities to be worthy for her. Except he is married with all his children already grown up. To love him whole heartily, she is guilty of herself and to forget him is painful. Not doing anything is also difficult because the thought would always be there for holiness and him. Though she looks happy to others but in actual fact she is unhappy and frustrating. Some friends discourage her to drop the man and some said yes. The different opinions confused her more. More so the man is patiently waiting for her without forcing her in any way if she is not ready. They are currently good friends without intimacy involved. However deep down in YF heart, she needs a man to hold and hug her tightly because she has plenty of love to give. After all no intimate love is "complete" without the warm of a man and woman. She is crying and wish there is an answer to her sorrow. This is a true story between spiritual and physical love.

Perhaps there are someone out there who may be able to enlighten YF. Your comment is most appreciated. Food for the thought - "When people are taken out of their depths they lose their heads, no matter how charming a bluff they may put up." - Source Unknown


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

What is YF wish list?
1)A relationship with her love and marry.
2)A relationship with her love and not marry
3)A relationship with her man not willing to sacrifice for her.
4)A relationship with her man who tells the world he loves her
5) None of the above.
6) Find another man who is willing to love and would sacrifice for her.

I will let YF think for herself as I believe she is strong and mature enough to make sense out of what is practical & what is not.
Every woman need a man, a wise and loving man. Wise is so wide to define...at the end it also means taking risks.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Let YF picks her destiny. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I absolutely agree with YF's dicision in not getting involve with this married man.

Not because she is restricted by her religion, she probably think that this so-called 'loving, understanding, and caring man' is not her 'knight in shinning armour'.

Jane Doe

Robert Foo said...

Hi Jane Doe...

I hope YF is reading this comment. U have all the senses right. Thank you for reading my blog.

Real Talk with Michael Gray said...

HI: Robert
The bible tells us all not to judge one another for fear of being judged. In other words we all are sinners just because my sin is different from yours it is still sin. Like the writer before me said the decision to commit adultery is all up to her. But I will say this much her knight and shinning armor isn’t all he seems to be. Let’s read this line “More so the man is patiently waiting for her without forcing her in any way if she is not ready.” You see; he is laying all the guilt and blame all on her. He is not being patient with her because he is an understating guy. The truth is if things do not work out or if she becomes really emotional behind him he will say I did not push you into this. It was all your decision and besides you know I am married! The truth is everyone should have someone in there life; to encourage you to do better in life, to keep the other side of the bed warm incase you venture on that side of the bed. Whatever the reason for having that person in your life it is your reason! It gets frustrating fixing dinner for two when there is only a plate setting for one.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Michael Gray,

Thank you for reading my blog.