Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mobile phone can cause misunderstanding.

Can you live without a mobile phone? I think....I can't! And I believe you can't either. It is supposed to be a communication tool for the world but it can create a nuisance and at times could cause more harm than good. For instance...if you are not careful with writing proper text messages...the receiver might misunderstand your meaning in words. Many thoughts and feeling could easily be sent but to write meaningfully and being understood might be difficult. Many times had I offended someone without me realizing myself. I had on several occasions quarrelled with little darling on text messaging not properly expressed in texting on my handphone.

Each time when we call someone on handphone, we expect the other parties to answer. If for some reasons, the calls are not responded, most likely we tend to feel uneasy. Some might even call again for few times, wondering why their calls are not picked up over on the other side. There could be many reasons...the main reason is...the caller at that time is free but the receiver might not. The fact is...nobody is at this moment not doing anything...everyone has to do something. So when a mobile depends whether the receiver is free at that minute of time.

When I am on urgent business or discussion, I usually change my handphone to silent mode. The purpose is to avoid distraction and to concentrate on my work with those who are around me. However sometimes it might cause confusion with callers who wondered why I wasn't picking up their calls. Especially from my little darling when I did not answer her caring calls for a longer period. The misunderstand disturbed her emotion and could cause anxiety for no reason. Many business opportunities could be affected and many romances could be broken if the usage of mobile phone is not properly understood.

I hope all my friends, clients, relatives, loved one and little darling know...when I don't pick your calls immediately...I am actually on urgent matters and definitely I have not forgotten you all. All calls are very important to me coz I know...when you call are already thinking of me. Just give me a bit of time...I rest assure you...I promise...I will return the calls back to you later.

Though the mobile phone might create some nuisance and misunderstanding, in proper usage it offers more convenient and benefits than without. It looks like whether I like it or has to be with me for the rest of my live here on planet earth. Don't you think so???

Food for the thought - "There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it." - Dale Carnegie

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