Sunday, December 28, 2008

Always see the good part of a person.

In my career as a professional life insurance agent, we try to be perfect on our job. Though I always attempt not to make mistakes, errors on my work do happen at time. I could be perfect most of the time, when I tried to please and be helpful to all my clients, but if I failed once or made one silly mistake, nobody is going to be happy with me. This phenomenon had been disturbing me for awhile...asking myself why our world is so unforgiving. Good work are seldom appreciated. Whereas mistakes are punishable or most noted in every way. One could have done ninety nine goods but when a single mistake is seen, that person is considered as unprofessional and unsatisfactory. So sad!!

While on my recent oversea trip, I befriended two love birds who happened to stay in the same hotel of mine. On the first day itself, I was admiring their relationship and their intimate. They were loving and romantic to my eyes. Wherever they went, they both would be holding hands or hugging each other. I could see them chatting endlessly all the time. I believe they were madly in love.

Surprisingly they were from the same city I came from and coincidentally we took the same flight home. We managed to check in the flight together and got the same seating besides as well. During the first hour on board, the three of us were having laughter and sharing. As this was a budget flight we had to order and pay our food and drink. We were seated in the centre row as arranged. By the time, the flight stewards came to us, all the best available food were sold to other passengers at the front and the back. Leaving us the least not tasty packet food left. After that, things changed for the worst between the two lovers beside me. They were having a slight argument in their language I did not understand. By the facial, I could sense the lady was unhappy over the man. We no longer talk for the rest of the journey. I knew unpretentiously something sour had occurred, when I could see the lady was closing her eyes with both arms crossed, showing her confrontation against her man.

When our flight landed much later, I had a chance to speak with the man over the misunderstanding on board earlier. His girlfriend was upset as she could not purchase the food she wanted. She was angry with him because he did not take her instruction to buy on line those meals when he registered the booking on the web. Should he had ordered those food on booking, the flight would have assured of their meals. According to him, he hadn't done such ordering before on line, except the booking of flight and destination. It was not his real intention not to order those meals in the first place. However he felt bad not being able to get the best meals for his lady on board. It was the last part of their holiday and yet he could not complete it with full satisfaction for his love. He was so sad too.

The above incident was truly an unhappy ending for these love birds' holiday. The man was trying so hard to please his love from start till the end. He was there all the time for her, escorting her everywhere, showering her all she needed, creating laughter and fun to amuse her, offering total affection and care, bought whatever she wanted, obliged her in every way if possible and yet when he made and being caught for one unintentional error, she throw her frustration and anger to the man who loves her so much. Back to my earlier statement again..."ninety nine rights cannot beat one wrong in life"....including love and romance. We talk so much about love... when love has got tolerance, patience, forgiving, unconditional giving, least expectation and always giving... but most of us fail to remember to apply what we have learned. After all, nobody is perfect in the first place...including this man who tried so hard to love. I had invited both this couple to read my blog and I sincerely hope both of them would forgive and forget what had happened. Why pick on the one wrong, when there are so many beautiful strength and value of a person. See the better side of him, and you will admire his potential in life.

Food for the thought - "When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

You are a man and it is easy said and done. To man is to chop off, cut off and move on.

I am sure the GF would have warn him but he was not listening/reminded him about it. What about in the plane, the BF may have just shut her off and still think that he is not wrong and very innocent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

BF should have taken the GF suggestion in the first place as a sense of respect. And GF should not be too harsh and spoil the end result of trip, bear in mind if any one of them will be gone..its bitter to know the last time was a silly misunderstanding.Anyway, they are both learning...the relationship may not be as sweet without silly misunderstanding.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous...

Perhaps the next reader, Red Lavender wrote is more sensible... the relationship may not be as sweet without silly misunderstanding. After all mistakes are our teachers of life. I am sure the BF would take heal of your words as well.

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Let the GF & BF learn from your comment. Thank you for your addition of words.

Mila Ralls said...

If people are not interested in self-development they usually pay more attention on bad things and fails. And then they usually pay high prices of to fix these situations. It's better and easier to lead life with positive thinking and think good about people at least before they prove the opposite.