Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not easy to please everybody.

Ah Han is an old friend of more than 35 years. He is an non believer of life insurance. A typical Chinese who runs a nite foodstore selling satay. It was his late first wife who took the initiative of listening my advice before she effected a simple whole life plan for the husband 27 years ago. That was the time, I started selling life insurance. Could be she bought out of obligation rather than he needed the insurance. As a good wife, she faithfully paid her husband premium even he did not like it. Seven years ago, his wife passed away after a long sickness. After that, Ah Han refused to continue his own policy and quietly without my knowledge discontinued and surrendered his plan directly with our main office in town. I felt so sad when I knew about it later. I could not believe...wife paid and he benefited the saving.

Four years ago, I had a chance to meet up with him at his home. He was lonesome and his two children, a son and a daughter had left him ...for reasons I really won't know. My senses told me, he was no longer as young as before. He was already 57 years old, still stubborn than ever and stingy. I knew very well I had to press him again for life insurance because time was against him. Before age 60 all life insurances could be purchased but after age 6o no one would be interested to insure him. It took me much time, afford and patience before I could convince him. He kept saying that he did not need insurance protection because he had saving in the bank. He rather keep cash than holding a piece of paper in insurance. Reluctantly he signed a minimum hospital & surgical medical plan of the lowest benefit. To him, he felt that he was doing me a favour. For the first two years, he made me to collect his monthly premium at his home before I managed to request him to change to auto debit through his banker.

Recently Ah Han was admitted to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him to be suffering from liver cancer. He was accompanied by his second wife whom he remarried two years ago. When he was at the hospital, he wanted to admit to a single bedded room and be treated in a first class comfort. However when he was told his medical insurance could pay only the minimum benefits, he and his wife became upset and furious. Although he was discharged recently, the hospital reminded him to prepare the money needed for the follow-up treatment. It would cost him a bomb!!

Today I had a chance to meet them at his home again. Before I could brief them how his existing plan could help him on his long term care, his wife furiously threw her anger at me. Claiming these remarks...what a lousy company you represented! first class benefits!.. we have little saving now, who is going to pay for all his medical fees!.. We had paid diligently four years premium and he did not get the full benefits from you! ... the medicine and drugs are expensive! ... my husband cannot be working any more at the food store! ... our income will drop! ..who is going to take care of us! ...what happen if he dies! .... his two children are not bothering his father! ...he has no saving in the bank! .... we are at lost! ... please help us!!!!!

Her husband was listening. He did not utter a word. Deep in his heart, I knew he was sad and regretted for not listening my sincere advices fours years ago. I held his arm firmly and said..."Ah Han, I will do my best within my means. You may not get the best from this medical plan but at least part of your burden is taken care". He nodded his head acknowledging his guilt.

Wondering myself now...have I done right? Perhaps somebody out there can tell me.

Something I learned now - "You can never get enough of the things you don't need, because the things you don't need can never satisfy." - Marvin J. Ashton


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

You have done within your capacity, your field of convincing people is a skill I envy upon you. You touch their hearts in a future perspective and your relationship with them just grow better and more personal.
I am now in the field where I need to touch peoples heart to coach and train them for habits that will benefit them in future.
Attitude is something you cannot change by force or by law..but by your sincere intentions...they can tell because they have the instinct.
Back to basic of your objective to why you share your hearts and mind in this blog...ITS TO SERVE.
You have demonstrated more than just WISDOM of have revealed your true heart.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender..

Finally I know who this great lady is. You are young and definitely very intelligent. You truly wrote with knowledge, wisdom and with sweetness which makes me melt. Thank you for your sincere support and admiration.