Saturday, December 06, 2008

U can't sell when U are unhappy.

Irena called me, "Sifu! I am worried my business is bad. Most appointments are cancelled and I don't have many prospects to see. I am at lost and I don't know what to do. Can you help?"

Though Irena is a 5 years term life insurance agent, many other agents could possibly fall into such dilemma and not knowing what to do next. I only spoke to Irena on the telephone but her voice sounded unhappy from inside. The company could be offering many challenges and incentives at the tail end of the year or her agency manager is motivating and encouraging her to move, but when her heart and mind is unhappy....nothing will excite our poor Irena to work. If I could sense her voice is unhappy, I am sure those successful prospects whom she intended to approach would also be able to feel and notice. When a person is unhappy, the voice lacks confidence, the face doesn't grow with charm, the eyes are dull and the words spoken are not sweet. She might try to hide her unhappiness feeling, but without she realising, the emotion was translated to tension and stress which could be seen by others. Nobody likes to deal with an unhappy person because an unhappy person might be an unsuccessful person. Always remember this!!!

I reminded Irena this powerful quote - "A happy heart sees a beautiful world". If you are truly happy, nothing will stop you from moving. Upon checking with her on love and romance which is the most vital part of a young lady's life....she told me later...she is extremely unhappy with her present boyfriend, who is very possessive and making her lives miserably. Ahhh! That is!!! Her problem is not the market isn't good for selling but rather she is hindered by LOVE. Love has joy and it has pain as well.

Suggestion to Irena. Either she solves her matters with her boyfriend or introduce him to me, when I can enlighten both of them. Or give me sometimes, I will write a subject on..To love with trust and joy.

Food for thought - "Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive." - Havelock Ellis


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Poor Irena, relationship are meant to be with ups and downs, sweet and bitter, happy and sad, soothing and pain.
But we need to deal with it professionally, when it comes to work, leave all the relationship issue behind for the hour. And focus that on that day "You come to work with the best intention, giving the best of what you can for the day"
Cheer up Irena...its all part of learning and understanding relationship issues better than yesterday.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender,

It sounded easy as what you had just written but emotion is unavoidable. When our heart has a pain our mind always will be disturbed. We can pretend nothing has happened but deep down in the heart the sorrow will still remain. These are the facts of life we have to go through.

Thank you for your comment again.