Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Can I ask sex directly...isn't offensive.

June is only 23, just finished her degree and is working now. She is one of my relative only daughter, simple, intelligence, attractive, and very mature for her age. As a smart girl, she always like mixing with older and wiser people for learning. Together with little darling whom she adores, we had a chance to mix freely recently on a shopping spree.

Over a chat, June who is also my keen blog reader, related my recent title, "Can I ask sex directly?" Her answer to us was a positive 'yes!' We both were stunned and surprised by her affirmation.

This was her explanation. If there is a gentleman and an admirable friend, who is brave to ask sex from me directly... in my heart, I would feel proud and excited. I feel great because I must have the sexiness and beauty to attract this man. Sexiness and attractiveness are beauty for woman. If I could not draw and capture attention on man, then perhaps I might not have the beauty of a sexy lady. Next...if the man who asks is sincere and I have the love and feeling over him, I would say 'yes' to him. To me, a sincere man must be prepared to take all responsibilities if he has the intention to have sex with me. Asking this direct question is not offensive to me. Further more, love & sex are important for couples before marriages.

WoW!!! I didn't know the younger generation thinks likewise. They have different thinking and feeling. Is a wrong to me but is a right to them. To my brother who might still be reading my blog, I think you should attempt your unoffensive sex question to the deserving lady in waiting.

To June, you are right in every sense. You have the sexiness to attract by the sight but don't forget the smell is equally important. Little darling and me could smell your body odor which you did not realize yourself. Most people concentrate the external personality and fail to adjust the inner physical. Suggest not only you buy those beautiful dresses, take a look with those body lotions or perfumes which could definitely attract more admirers for you. Remember the five senses of man; sight, hear, smell, taste and touch. You have achieved attraction from sight but overlook your smell in some way. We sincerely hope you could correct the necessary.

Food for the thought - "Sexual love is undoubtedly one of the chief things in life, and the union of mental and bodily satisfaction in the enjoyment of love is one of its culminating peaks. Apart from a few queer fanatics, all the world knows this and conducts its life accordingly; science alone is too delicate to admit it." - Sigmund Freud


Just Me said...

I have so many thoughts going through my head on this one. Part of me, yes, would be flattered that someone finds me attractive and sexy to sleep with me without knowing who I am... but the other part of me knows that I am worth more than just a piece of @$$. I think it all depends on how old you are... when I was 21, I wouldn't have cared... now that I had that type of fun before, I am going to be 28 and am looking for a lot more than just a one night stand.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

Hooooo!!! That was a good piece of frank personal view. Without your truthful comment, most men might not even know. I think, most ladies like to hear those flattering words but they pretend they are not.Is an exciting YES inside and yet the face shows a NO. Man has to catch up to understand the emotion of woman...including myself. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I agree with LMc1381...at this age I would be selective. :)
And for the smell..its also apply to men...if possible maintain "nice" smell around the girls, those who smokes could do with one of those mint sweets to lighten the cigarette smell...owh do u smoke?(just curious) :(

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL...

I am a non smoker and I hardly drink. I make sure my body smells with the right perfume to encharm the surrounding. Coz sight and smell are vital in life.

dirty questions said...

How does girl on girl sexual intercourse work because it is like bumper to bumper if you know what I mean?