Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Patience is a winning game.

I believe a creative person thinks faster than those who are non creative. I am one of them. It's good to be able to think ahead while talking to others. Meaning, before you finish your sentences...most likely I already have an answer for you. It took me a long time to control my thought and calmness. Just imagine...I have to keep listening, when I knew what you are trying to relate. If I interrupt your discussion, you might be offended or perhaps you might feel inferior for being a slow speaker. On the hand, to listen and knowing what you are trying to tell me, needs a lot of patience and tolerance. During my earlier years in business, I got very irritated, if I happened to meet slow thinkers due to impatience of listening. As I was also a methodical person who had high expectation in lives, made things even worst. I got angry easily and lost my temper without realising, I was offending many friends and relatives then. Through mistakes, I learned to slow down my thought and emotion. I set three important rules to control myself. They are 'don't worry', 'expect a little' and 'give a lot' in my interaction with others. After all, nobody in this world could be the same, some are smart and some are not so smart. I have a faithful secretary who has been working with me for sixteen years. Though she has all the experiences of my work, she still makes mistakes at times. The only explanation I could give is...if she could think like me, she won't have to work for me any longer. Most likely she would have be selling and turning herself to be another professional. I have lowered my expectation on others and listen more patiently without loosing my temper. It takes a bit of wisdom to understand that I could live more happily with others. I sincerely hope you don't make the same mistakes of my past.

A good piece of advice -"Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will become stilled in the Self." - Bhagavad Gita


citiding said...

Good piece of advice.
Well done, Robert. Let more people share your wisdom, which no amount of $ could buy.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Cityding...

Thank you for your compliment. Your encouragement certainly spurs me.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Brian..

I am glad you like my posting and thanks for reading my blog. I had learned a bit from my Hindu friends about Gita but I am pleased you had given the site for me to read further now.