Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beauty of the heart is more important.

Today's woman is much more attractive than before. In our life insurance industry, we have more female agents than the male. Each time, I walk into our office, there are more ladies than the gentlemen. Like this afternoon, I was surrounded by all ladies and I was the only man in the lift. Perhaps I was lucky to have all the pretty, beautiful, intelligent and attractive girls around. From the head to their toes, they looked gorgeous and eyes catching. To be presentable in their career, I am sure they are taught to dress well. Their hair-do come with the latest style and mixed with special colouring. A lot of money is spent on their faces to look charming. Cosmetic and facial cleansing are not cheap either. Besides the facial, they have to pick the latest clothing to blend according to their taste and fancy. Not forgetting to add some costume jewelleries to bring out their fashion. Next would be the proper high heel shoes to spur their elegant walk. No prospect would denial such beauties to their appointments. And that's why most male agents are loosing to the woman.

I might not be attractive as to these lady agents, but I have the beauty of a sincere heart which matters most. Should they have spent more time to develop a beautiful heart, I think all men and including me will be out of business. Perhaps The Universe is fair...they have the beauty of the outside and I have to the beauty of the heart. At the spur of the second, I will loose to them because sight is faster than hearing and sensing. All prospects love to see a beautiful lady agent but those who come with a beautiful heart will naturally build a longer relationship in business. However life is very funny! The outside beauty could be dressed and beautified but the inner beauty of the heart cannot be made except it comes blissfully by itself. Coz sincerity comes from the heart.

Food for the heart - "Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue." - Confucius


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

True! beauty within is something we develop with experience and a heart.
In managing terms, there is this aspect or discipline that we also focus on..ie Software, Hardware, and Live ware (people).....now we cannot upgrade Live ware but we can CARE and RESPECT these and with sincerity develop them to their best.
So live ware is as you stated, external and internal.
So these doesnt happen just like that..we need to built and guide it, and thats why leaders are invented.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender...

Your wisdom comments make my blog even more interesting for others to benefit. Thank you so much.