Friday, December 05, 2008

Love & career need determination.

Selling life insurance is like loving a person. To fall in love is easy but to maintain a love relationship is difficult. All loves and romances begin with excitement and happiness. Everyday is a joyful day when you are in love. The sight and smell of love create feeling of hope and desire. However along the journey of love, there bound to have obstacles of life. As long as there are emotion and feeling in love, misunderstanding and distrust might appear. It takes a lot of understanding and wisdom to withhold the strength of love. Unless your love is strong with passion and determination, not many loves could last a life time.

Selling life insurance at the beginning is exciting too. The company paints you a rosy picture of your dreams. You could almost get the impossible which you never had dreamed off. They offer you the fantastic holidays around the world, prestigious clubs, luxurious cars, expensive homes, unlimited income to be earned and more incentives to excite the beginners. The smell of these sensational offers would make all young agents go crazy. Nothing in this world comes easy! All success goes along with your hardwork, determination, concentration and prepared to take all hardship. The most difficult task in this business is rejection. Sometimes you need to take 20 rejection of 'NO' before you could receive one 'YES'. Meaning... is like being slapped 20 times before one pretty girl accepts your date. There might be many agents selling life insurance, not many could actually be able to stay long enough to deliver what they had promised.

So! Its like love and romance, if you are one agent who is reading my blog, do you really have the strong love, passion and determination to maintain in this tough business. Otherwise, most likely you would not last a life time like me. Selling is easy but to maintain it is definitely not easy and that goes with love as well.

William Shakespeare - Three sentences for success....a) Know more than others. b) Work more than others. c) Expect less than others.

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