Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can I ask for sex directly?

I have a lot of friends, clients and colleagues who like to seek my elderly advices. Today, one buddy colleague sent over a text message. He wrote..."Brother, when u ask for sex from a girl u think it's a right move or will it offend her?

Instead of asking selling tips, he seek for something even more interesting. My reply to him my blog and let me explain for everyone to know as well.

Courting girls is like prospecting for sales. A good salesperson knows when a prospect is sold. No prospect would say he wants to buy. Neither could the salesperson asks whether prospect wants to purchase. The salesperson has to motivate and inspire his prospect to be interested in buying. Salesperson has to detect prospect's buying signals through body's language and facial expression. Once signals are confirmed, salesperson gently and subtly leads prospect to close the sale by signing the dotted line. Follow by prospect is too willing to open his pocket to pay what is necessary. The sale is closed with both parties shaking hands with smiles all round.

For the brother who is reading this now. Don't ever ask your girl directly for sex, especially if she is not your girlfriend yet. If you might end yourself with two tight slaps on your face. Motivate and inspire her with your love stories. Be a hero to her first... expect a little and give as much as possible willingly. Romance and have fun with her. All these might be termed as love making when no sex is involved. Along the way, please observe her body's language and facial expression. Is she responding your closeness? Can you touch her hand? Does she allows you to hug her? And later kiss her gently and softly. If these are possible without objection, young man (shame on you...35 still so innocent), I am sure, your little darling is ready for you to be carried onto bed. You don't need to ask for sex. It just comes naturally because love and romance has magic. The intimacy is concluded with both parties smiling with love all round.

Food for the thought - "The Englishman can get along with sex quite perfectly so long as he can pretend that it isn't sex but something else." - James Agate


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

If I am the lady..its like a total stranger wanting to drive my I wish I own one...

Red Lavender.

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL..

Have to tell that brother who asked. You had answered his question.

Just Me said...

That is a pretty damn good explanation of how to get a girl in bed! Sometimes, all it takes is a little attention. Like randomly remembering what her favorite candy bar is or knowing her favorite color and picking a wildflower that is the same color. Simple gestures turn into great sex.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

Perhaps my brother there who read your comment might be excited over your suggestion. Your sharing is most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This is far too dumb my friend,

I've asked directly, and politely, and got a nice clear yes as well as an answer,
In both cases I can remember, I did want to have sex with the girl, was open about it, and it wasn't quite the first thing I said (but I did say it as soon as silence started developing)
You'll see tonnes of frustrated coy women on the Internet inventing stories how girls are this and that and you must approach them as little flowers, or cars, or houses for sale or similar shit.
Girls are human, people, so will respond as such.
And yes, I know plenty of good salesmen who will ask directly - unless you're a liar, there's no reason not to.
(Frustrated women might want to lash out and take their traumas out on you - but that you can tell in advance, or just be prepared for)

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous 22 Oct.

Thank you for reading my post.