Sunday, December 07, 2008

Listen to my silence.

Is funny! A 'No' could be a 'Yes'....if only you know better! My friend, Ah Fai was waiting for a respond from his new found friend, a voluptuous girl whom he is very much interested in. They had been chatting quite often over the phone. He wanted to date her out but each time when he requested for an outing, she would divert her attention to something else. He is scratching his head, wondering whether she isn't interested in him. Though he is an intelligent man, he isn't smart to understand the feeling of woman. Seeking my advice, I told him.... in contract law, silence doesn't mean one is agreeable. However when a girl who has interest over a man, silence means agreed. No woman would declare her love first to her man, neither would she kisses him if he doesn't make the first move. If the man has intention to kiss his new found girlfriend, he can't be asking for a kiss from her. He has to be smart to understand from her facial silence, whether she is agreeable to be kissed upon. At the same time, the man has got to be brave to shower her the confidence of romance. As he moves towards her, the silence of voice plus the closing of her eyes is a confirmation of a 'Yes'. Meaning she loves him and she is too willing to be hugged and kissed. Ah Fai.... her silence is also a 'Yes' should go ahead with the date.

Closing a sale is liking closing a romance. No prospect will reveal his true intention of buying a product or services. An experience salesperson observes the emotion of his prospect from his eyes and words. His silence doesn't mean is a 'No' but just that he has the pride not to say it as 'Yes'. So! Gently and softly, we have to treat him like closing a girl and encouraging her onto bed. So the next time when you got a 'No' on any occassion, think first before you accept it as 'No'. Perhaps is a 'Yes'.

Food for thought - "Silence is sometimes the best answer". — The Dalai Lama.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I couldnt agree more...this happens to me once.
His question brought up an instant silence or pause in my action and heart tells me "hey wait a minute, he may have a point there, he is an interesting person" BUT I end up talking a different topic :(
I guess I was nerves of his honesty and courage.
You do know the female language and needs...keep up the sharing.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender,

I am glad you confirmed my understanding of female language. Sometimes we need assurance and motivation from friends around.. u are one of them. Thank you for your comment. See you again tomorrow with another topic of mine.