Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold calling is hardwork but it helps.

All successful salesperson start with the cold calls first. It takes a lot of guts and courage to do it! Without starting from this strange and scary approaches, no salesperson could understand what is selling. I started with cold calls in my first job in selling 40 years ago.

Two days ago while I was having dinner with little darling at an open food court, a young girl at the most not more than twenty years old, was trying to sell her products to us. She was carrying a light bag, both hands holding packets of sock. Her face showed she was scared and shy. I gave her some encouragement and persuaded her to talk. We were trying to listen her presentation but she was fumbling nervously and not a word could be heard. We gave her time to finish her words and we politely told her we really don't need those products. Although her selling wasn't successful but for sure I could see, it was a real achievement for her. Perhaps it was her first cold call sale, when someone allowed her to complete her talk. She might not know, she had made the mistakes of not speaking confidently and clearly, but at least she had the braveness to see strangers which matters most in selling. Deep down in my heart, I knew she would make it if she continues to see more strangers persistently.

In selling and marketing, it's not how much you know on theory and knowledge, it's on how much you understand the practical part of it. Theory and knowledge could be taught but the practical has to be done by yourself. Most salesperson fail in selling because they have not overcome the fear in cold calls. Especially selling life insurance which needs total mastery in selling. I am glad, I started cold calls before venturing into the natural market, which later developed me into an effective life insurance agent. For those who are currently selling life insurance and have not done cold call before, I suggest is good you should try it now.

A poem... "Hardwork Helps"
Hardwork is like the stairs.
Luck is like a lift.
Lift may fail sometimes,
But whatever may be the occasions,
Stairs will always get u to the top.
Luck might help u once,
Hardwork helps always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Hopefully she will develop more self esteem after that. Keep up the good intention of helping others where you can. As one say " there is no short cuts, you have to earn it" and thats "hard work".

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL..

Nothing is easy if hardwork is not given...including writing blog everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Your hardwork on this blog touches people it pays off in a way. Please keep up the hardwork, we need your talking heart.