Monday, July 02, 2007

Add love to our work

Whatever we do, if we do it with love, we rest assure we could do it well. Even making a cup of tea or coffee. I will never have a better cup of tea than the one make by my wife or our maid coz it is always added with some potion of love. Meaning, the tea is prepared with extra effort and attention which I will never get from the outside.

Sometimes I being asked, "How could I be able to sell for so long in this career, when most would have dropped out?" I replied, "I am not smart but I have my true heart to offer my clients that matters." I continued, "Prudential, my company offers its products but I added them with love and passion to make them irresistible to buy from me. Without love, our products would be the least saleable."

In any job or business, if we could applied the same principle, our work would be easier to manage. However the sad thing in life, is most people want the easiest and fastest ways to achieve success. Putting the effort and attention are not enough but working whole heartily with love makes the huge different.

This quote on happiness by Francoise de Motteville; "The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure."

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