Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Do the things you like and you would do it well.

Mahjong is a most favorite game for the typical Chinese. My home all the ladies love playing mahjong as a past time but not me. As I think it is a waste of time cracking our mind over a handful of plastic tiles for entertainment and light gambling between relatives.

The last three days, we had two ladies relative visited our home. One was the mother of 86 years, who looked weak and soft spoken. She seemed dull and lonely. Came the night, when the mahjong table was set, all the ladies were excited. The first invited player was this old lady who never failed to stop playing. They started the game at nine in the evening. The next morning when I got up, I was told all of them together with the old one ended the session until the morning at six. Not only they were playing one night, the next evening they started the session again. From their playing I could see and observe, they were really happy and laughing whenever they strike a good game. What really amused me was, they never complained of tire or sleepy. Instead they were at peak energy with full of enthusiasm in their look. Even the old lady who was supposed to be weak when she first came, was smiling with laughter and joy.

The moral of the above event is; when you do things you love, you would never be tired. Search your own interest in life and similarly you would enjoy doing things you like too. I love blogging and writing all the facts of life that I had encountered. To the many, they think that it is impossible to write every day with new ideas. But to the one like me who have the interest and love to share, ideas would just naturally flow with my thought whenever I blog at this site. My next hobby is talking when others would be playing golf or doing something. I love talking so much and that is why I could be selling for the past 40years. Selling needs talking and when you don't like to talk, selling would be tough. The bottom line is, do the things you like and love, and you would do them well. Simple as that!

Spoken by George Bernanos,"To be able to find joy in another joy, that is the secret of happiness."

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