Sunday, July 22, 2007

Love takes the worst and the best.

There was a day my son came home after a badminton game, when we noticed he was wet with sweat all over his body. His body odour smelled heavily and we were complaining. Not his girl friend who had waited for his return. Instead she still hugged him passionately plus a tight kiss was given. Straight away, I knew this girl really loved my son whole heartily. When you love someone truthfully, you accept the good and the bad as well. The good part of him, she would adore and appreciate. Others might not be happy with his bad points but the one who loves him, could overlook the weaknesses. His odour might be unacceptable but to her, she could not even smell the different. Love has the magic. I am pretty sure, this lady would love this man for the worst and for the best till death.

So! If you want to know whether your mates love you truthfully, don't just let him or her to smell the best of your cologne and perfume but let your natural body odour to decide. You would be surprised that the true colour surfaces eventually.

Spoken by Arthur Rubinstein,"Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can only be felt if you don't set any condition." I think including love too.

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Deen said...

This post enlightened me with a sentence.. 'Love is magic'..

very interesting ..
We always hear 'Love is blind'..

Apart from thinking positively, it is also good to talk and think positively; wherever possible..

There are very few friends like you Robert, who spread these good values..

Keep it up..