Tuesday, July 31, 2007

False image of the young

Twenty five years ago I asked an old friend this question, "Chong, when you are truly rich and successful one day, what type of brand new Mercedes will you be buying." He replied, "If that day could happen, I won't be buying any new Mercedes but just any simple second hand car will do." I was surprised and could not understand his meaning at that time. I asked again, "Why? Please enlighten me?" Chong was patience and went further, "If I had made it to be successful, when I don't have to prove to any one else further, why should I need to have an expensive car then. It is now that I am not there yet, when I still need others to support me, I have to show to look successful. Perhaps I need the new car now."

Unfortunately at that time, I was still relatively young and could not accept his logic. However as I grew to be wiser, I fully agree with Chong's words and advices. Today I can see many young entrepreneurs, self employed personnel or salesperson who are driving expensive cars, I believe they are not really successful yet. Psychological they want others to think that they are, when they are not. They lack knowledge and the understanding of life. To replace their personal confident, they dress to look impressive externally. In fact this is a false image which they don't realise. Perhaps another younger mind could be taken but for an experience person, he should be able to see the truth.

A good expensive car is ideal but a mind with knowledge and wisdom is even more power. Chong's words were right, when you are truly successful and understand life, the external isn't important any more. Our sights are deceiving from the expensive surrounding but the mind and the heart are not.

I think is true,"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature. Beautiful old people are art of life."

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danielle said...

i agree about the part where external illusions are just what they are, illusions, so to speak. but i would like to say the wisdom lies not only with age nor only with experience.good day to u robert, it's another beautiful day in kl, rainy and moody.perfect.