Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Man always like women

I believe male temptation on sex is greater than female. Over a friendly discussion , these questions were brought out. If two elderly women of 70 years of age were to share a single room with a young man of 20, all parties would sleep well without distraction for the night. Comparing to two elderly men of 70 years to share a single room with a young lady of 20, they would feel uncomfortable and be disturbed over the same night.

I asked a lady friend, "How come the young man could sleep so well with the old ladies?" Lady replied, "The old aunties could be trusted." I responded, "Why not the young girl with the old uncles?" She smiled and said, "Old uncles could not be trusted. They still have the desire for sex."

To the man, we would always need to have woman till death. To the woman, with or without man, they could still live by themselves. More so when they are a little older. The funny of life, the world always has more female than male. Otherwise, there would not be enough of women for man. Accept it or not, these are all facts of life we have to live with.

A little joke from afar. "75 years old man got married to a 15 years girl. On their first night both were crying. Why?? Coz she didn't know anything and he had forgotten everything."

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