Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Penny wise pound foolish

In our lives, as long as we are living, we have to pay many household bills. These are the following expenses we have to shoulder on the month to month basis;

1. Rental or house loan instalment
2. Utilities bills
3. Groceries
4. Quit rent and Assessment bill
5. Car instalment
6. Petrol and car maintenance
7. Income tax advances
8. Children education
9. Parents care
10. Life insurance premium.

Whether we like them or not, if you are a responsible person, you definitely have to pay. If you don't believe, try not to pay your rental or your house instalments for more than 3 months. Subsequently you would be instructed to leave your house immediately. You could have paid your car very promptly for many months, but the minute you skip three months, your car would be repossessed instantly. Same to the quit rent and assessment for the government, you have to pay on time when they are due. No mercy from the institutions where your children are studying either. They need you to pay in advance as long as your children are with them.

Just imagine what happen, if something when wrong, like you are critically sick or permanently disabled or death occurred. All the above bills from one to nine, you still have to continue paying.
Non of the people you have deal with, would be so kind to allow you to waive all the bills away.

However there is only one bill that can waive all future payments, if these unkind eventualities happened. This is the life insurance premium which immediately ceases. Alternatively it replaces and helps to continue to pay all your existing bills without hindrance. This is a wonderful bill but yet most people are still scared to consider. Are we, "Penny wise Pound foolish."

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