Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mother's food draws the attention.

Time has really changed when I remembered all girls had to learn how to cook and take care of household chores. My two sisters were taught to learn the simple tasks at home before they even went to school. There were no maid then but my mother together with my sisters helped to take care of the home. At times when our mum was away, she rest assured that both daughters would be capable to cook for the entire family. Although my sisters didn't complete a full basic education, both of them were married to be good housewives.

With the giving of equal rights between girls and boys, today women are much educated than before. I believe they are much smarter and worked harder, most women are also given better opportunity to excel in the working world. However the saddest things are, they are the least knowledgeable in household management. The higher their academical qualifications or employment status, the weaker their knowledge in home affair. It won't be surprised that the basic chores, like cooking and washing are difficult for them. I have three daughter-in-laws who are all professionals in their own careers, beautiful and intelligent but they do not know how to cook a decent meal. Can't blame them because their parents had never taught them to cook when they were children. They were told to concentrate on their studies and the rest of the household work would be taken care by the mothers.

My wife might not be working like her daughter-in-laws who earn well in the working world, but she draws a lot of attention and admiration because she is a super cook. Wherever her sons and their wives are, they would never forget her, as her mother's food is incomparable to any food available outside. I might be the master of the house, but today I can't draw such attention like her. She knows the taste and food of her entire family. She cooks with love and devotion. She cooks for the satisfaction to those she knows and she loves. She is proud just to be a housewife and the mother for her family. She is the housewife of the past, when many of today's women would find difficult to follow. Perhaps it would come a day when true mother's food is no longer available.

My belief,"The present and future are important but don't forget the past."

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