Friday, July 13, 2007

You don't like but actually you like.

There was an old friend whom I had not seen for many years. Through my secretary emails, I got his email address and started to communicate with him. I put him under my group listing and sent all forwarded mails to him, the good and the naughty one as well. I forgotten he was quite a religious old man. Yesterday my secretary spoke to me, "Boss your friend was so surprised that you had send him so many naughty mails. He was reading them in the office and he thought it might not be good for him." I replied. "Oh! gosh! I forgotten. Was he angry?" Smilingly she said, "No! In fact, the whole office are reading them as well now. They find that your mails are even more interesting than their normal uninteresting good mails. He wants you to send more of these stuffs."

Life is very funny! Most of the time, people would pretend to be good in behaviour. They talk with seriousness and spiritually inclined. The minute you utter a word of bad, all eyes would be on you. However deep down their souls, they would also like to feel the naughtiness of themselves at times. Just that, most people are not brave to show their inner feeling.

I had spoken many occasions as platform speaker. Non of my sessions and sharing would be interesting, if naughtiness of words and humour of sex were not added. The guy would have fallen asleep but the one word of SEX is spoken aloud, his soul and mind would instantly be drawn back.

I have a perfect personality of a gentleman who shows kindness and care. Nonetheless without the naughtiness and humour of my words, I would not be able to market my true self. Depicting goodness isn't enough because good by itself reflexes seriousness and firmness which might not be too comfortable to those who interact with me. By adding the naughtiness which everybody actually likes, softens the firmness of my approaches. It sounds absurd and unpleasant but these are again the facts of life one have to experience to believe.

"I believe it to be perfectly possible for an individual to adopt the way of life of the future - without having to wait for others to do so." Spoken by Mahatma Gandhi

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