Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is your mate telling the truth?

Not all verbal replies are truthful. A 'Yes!' might not be a real yes or a 'No!' could be a yes. If you were to take a bit of time to experience the psychological way of life, you be amazed that most people don't tell the truth.

Ask your mate, "Do you love me?" The reply can be a yes. Is that yes meant to be a no or not sure or love you madly. If you want to know the real answer to it, don't just take the word but be attentive to listen deeper to the pitch, veracity and tone of the reply.

Meaning; if the reply of the yes is shallow, dull and softly spoken, I am sorry your mate does not love you. Rather to say a no to hurt you, a reluctant yes could still be a consolation. The second level of this Yes, is the middle tone kind. Not dull but neither has the energy either. It tells that your mate isn't sure but at least you do have a bit of opportunity to go further. The third level is a affirmative yes which spoken loud, distinctive, clear and full of enthusiasm. You rest assure, your mate is crazy with you. This is another simple facts of life.

So if you do want to test your lovers or spouses whether they sincerely love you, why not check it yourself now. Listen to their pitch, veracity and tone. Feel and sense their expression of words. Good luck to all of you who read my blog.

Quote of the day,"We may recover from slip of the foot but a slip of the tongue leaves a deep imprint."

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