Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not just a wife but a best friend & lover too.

Alvin and Fionne are one couple I admire so much. They started as friends and later became best friends. From best friends they turned lovers. One day, Alvin proposed to marry Fionne who accepted without hesitation. Today, the husband and wife team is happily married with the man as successful in business and the wife is so loving as a full time housewife. I have known them for more than 35years since attended their wedding also at the same time. Knowing and understanding their beautiful relationship, allows me to write some meaningful facts of life here.

Most women who got marry after many years, tend to forget their roles as partner to their males. They remain as wives to be responsible to the families. They cook, wash and take care of household chores. They care and raise their children. Some even have to look after their parent-in-laws as their own parents. Fionne is not only a good house wife but she remains as a best friend and also a lover to Alvin. As a best friend to him, she listens with admiration all the spoken words. When Alvin is down at times, Fionne would be there to console or even offer encouragement. They can both talk endlessly without loosing interest, cause one is a talker and the other is a good listener. Not forgetting they are still considered as best friends. The beautiful part of them is, they behave as lovers as well. Fionne has not forgotten her role as a lover who always romances with Alvin. They hold hands whenever they are out. She dates Alvin as her boy friend. The hugging and kissing are a daily affair, which most friends would envy about. She would address him as darling and in turn he would call her as my dear. Alvin is certainly a contented man, because not only he has a responsible and caring wife, he also has a faithful and a best friend cum a romantic lover to always stands beside him. No wonder he can be so successful in life. The super energy he gains from this lady, can move him to conquer even the toughest territories on earth.

Equally most men who had married for a long time, tend to forget their roles with their female partners too. As husbands, they work hard and be providers to their families. Almost all household chores are given to the wives or perhaps maids are there to assist. Alvin is a good husband but he has not forgotten he is also the best friend to Fionne. Ever since he has known her, endlessly he gives his unconditional assistance and advices to her. His stories and sharing excites her. His knowledge and wisdom amuses the listening lady. His sincere love remains. He still courts her like a lover. His warm and abundant love, tickles her to the utmost. Until she surrenders whole heartily without regret to this man.

The morale of this story; For a man to do well in life, he needs a woman who can play the role of a wife, a friend and a lover. For a lady to be cheerful in life, she needs also a man who can be husband, friend and lover too. The combination of spouse, friend and lover relationship can sail the lives journey forever happily and successfully.

A funny quote,"Behind every successful woman, there is a satisfied man but behind a satisfied woman, there is an exhausted man."

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Anonymous said...


Like what you said, many married couples would eventually forgotten to play their role as best friend and lover, especially when they have their own children.

Must it be that way?

If only everybody could read and understand your blog, I'm sure this world would be a much loving and understanding place to live in!

Amiring you so much, I'm FIONA!