Monday, July 09, 2007

Selling turns stressful if don't enjoy it.

Recently I spoke to a lady insurance agent who seemed down and beaten by her work. I asked her, "My dear, why are you so unhappy with your work?" She replied, "I am tired to pretend to be happy while working. I have to give a false smile to all my prospects and clients. I have to behave loving and caring to them and that's not me in nature."

I am so sadden by her explanation. In actual fact, selling insurance requires patience, understanding, warm, tolerance and plenty of love with care and concern. This lady was falsely brought into this career by promise of glamour and potential to earn high income. At the beginning of her career she was taught to use her feminine charm and attraction to sell. Many male prospects would easily fall for her prey. She was trained to sell by pressurising and seducing with who ever she met. She was motivated by challenges and incentives which were useful when she was a rookie agent. However after working for two years, she realised that the above way of approaches were unprofessional when most clients would no longer buy. Subsequently she tried to adopt the friendly way by smiling and caring which was never her character. Instead of enjoying her work as fun, her new unnatural personality turned stressful to her mind. As her sale was dropping and lesser prospects were willing to see her, she developed anxiety and frustration in her now.

Nonetheless I really felt pity for her. I believe most agents are usually trapped by this process of recruitment, training and selling for the benefit of those witty and unscrupulous managers who think of short term gain only. Selling insurance is not meant for everyone. It is only for those who have the true heart to care for the benefits and interest of our clients. In any career, if you do really understand and like your work, your work would never be a chore but rather it would be a joy. Including selling insurance because we are here to serve and not to be served.

My belief,"Happiness is doing the things you like and be honest about it."

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danielle said...

It has become part of my daily habit to drop by and read what you have to share for the day. I'm currently on a crossroad wondering should I be an agent, and I found your blog very enlightening and unpretentious.