Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cat's pleasurable pain

Are you aware that when cats mate, they yell in screaming pain? Many could be thinking that they are having a furious fight. The loud crying in the form of 'MeooooW!.... MeoooW!.... MeooooooW!' could be heard. In fact, this is the joyful pain of cat's mating. Many don't even know that the penis of male cat has torn facing backward. Imagine when they have sexual contact, the female suffers in extreme pain and yet she enjoys having it. The male cat gets even more excited hearing the heavy meooow meooow. Perhaps in life, we need pain to appreciate the pleasure in living. So the next time when we face any pains, don't complain but cry ourselves out. The sounding of a joyful cry can create and excite someone near. No pain no gain.

Spoken by Leslie Caron, "In order to have great happiness, you have to have great pain and unhappiness - otherwise how would you know you're happy?"


2007 said...

hello im from spore..just stumble upon ur blog..feels that is really very interesting n insightful..all those posts..reading them makes my day! hope u can continue with more of these!!

Jenny Lee said...

You are right about the last sentence : "The sounding of a joyful cry can create and excite someone near."

During intimation, a woman who is feeling high made that sound out wherelse for a man, the sound will make him more exciting!