Friday, July 20, 2007

Negative & positive have their effects.

When Alan started his factory years back, he had to work alone till the late night before he could go home. One day the watchman, Muthu informed his boss that he saw two ghosts almost every night. They were standing in front of their factory. Their bodies were in white and their heads could not been seen. Alan is a brave man who doesn't believe such existence, insisted to see for himself as well. For two nights at about mid night, he was standing together with Muthu at the front of their factory to witness the ghostly present. Out of frustration, there was nothing happening, except the quietness of the early morning could be felt. Alan was furious towards his watchman. He warned him not to spread unnecessary stories or disturbing words.

Nonetheless, the negative thoughts and words were to great to be controlled. Soon the entire work force of mainly the foreign workers were aware of this fearful present. With a simple mind, they tend to believe, although they had not seen any ghost. It became so critical when all the workers refused to work for the night shifts. Of course, Alan, the boss was very upset but the boycott of refusal to work was difficult to overrule. Finally he had to approach his watchman for a solution to overcome this problem. Muthu together with his friends, they build a tokong or a datuk house besides his sentry room, with a strong belief that it could provide protection to those who work inside this factory. Surprisingly with another so called positive energy created from this tokong, the confident level of the work force returned. They were not afraid to work in the late night shift again.

Moral of this true story; Negative force turns fear and worrisome. Positive energy reflexes confident and braveness. If our words are negatively spoken, most simple minded person could be easily influenced to act and behave wrongly. Whereas if spoken positively, any person would react well and good.

My Belief,"If you look for good, you'll find good. If you look for bad, you'll find bad. In life, you always find what you look for. Only thing that matters is...what you choose to see."

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