Monday, July 23, 2007

Do u know why he isn't buying?

From my selling experience, I learnt that most people don't buy, not because they don't like buying but rather they could not afford to buy. Everything that is all sale has certain values and purposes which might be attractive to our sight or useful to ourselves. Nevertheless when the values exceeded our financial means, the mind would spontaneously deter the desire to buy. Most of the time, when people don't buy, they seldom like to reveal the truth. Especially not telling that they don't have money or cannot afford to purchase. Rather they would be telling other untruthful reasons. Examples; colour is not suitable, size is small, quality, comparing, let decide later or refer to my family first. Meaning, they can be telling plenty of reasons but not the one real reason, "I have no money!"

I believe our self esteem and personal pride lead us to react by this pattern of thought. Most people do not like others to know that they are poor or financially weak. They dress richly from the outside but poor in their purse. Don't laugh here, because it might also be applicable to you as well. The next time around when you go for your window shopping, see whether you would tell the truth yourself to the sale person when you don't buy.

However a good salesperson can detect this false response, through the prospect's facial expression, tone velocity and words veracity. Instead of loosing those prospects permanently, an experience salesperson helps to overcome their problems by suggesting next alternatives. Knowing the exact reason would be better than knowing the wrong reasons. If you are a salesperson who can reach this level of understanding with your prospects, selling would be much easier and happier.

Conclusion; "don't just takes the words from the mouth, listen and understand his thoughts too."

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