Friday, July 27, 2007

Do u prefer one or more loves?

There is a saying, "For every successful man, there is a lady behind." The question is, what type of lady that can help man to be successful. From my experiences in life, most successful and powerful men, have different women to assist their goals and success in their lives journey.

Lets not go far and not quote name. In our land, Malaysia we have many self made billionaires who turned from rag to riches. There was a poor man from a little town who came to the city 30 years ago to seek for fortune. He started working as a salesman and later went into a small scale business. As he gathered strength and connected to the right parties, he became powerful and weathy. Today he has several public companies under his arm. He is well respected and hold a title of a Tan Sri in front of his name.

This successful man, has three ladies behind him. His first lady is his wife whom he married before he became rich. He considered this wife as his traditional spouse who gave him his legitimate sons. He only returned to this wife's home during festival and important functions.

The second wife's house is his permanent resident where he goes back to sleep every night without fail. However he treats this lady more like a best friend who always advises and offers encouragement. In fact, the second wife is the smartest of the three ladies. She is a thinker, adviser and motivator to the man.

The third wife is a lover who knows how to charm and tickle the stressful husband. Whenever Tan Sri is lonely or sexually excited, his personal driver drives him to this romantic wife during the afternoon hideout. He might be an arrogant and hot temper business person, but each time when he visits his sexy third wife's home, she could turn him blissfully and contented in manner.

Perhaps the saying, "For every successful man, there is a lady" might not be practical after all to every man. Cause the one lady could not shoulder such heavy tasks as to be a perfect wife, friend and lover to an aggressive and ambitious man. For those men who are satisfied to have one woman who can play the role of the three parts, I think they are considered as very lucky and blessed in all ways. I wish they should love her more then.

Spoken by Bernard Meltzer,"Success is getting and achieving what you want. Happiness is wanting and being content what you get."


Anonymous said...

I understand that you are also a successful man. I wonder if your wife play this three important roles in your life?

If she is not capable to play the role as best friend and lover, think about me!

I'll be willing to do so. Let me know your answer.

from KYLIE

Anonymous said...

I can only assume you feel it is ok, in your view of love, for a man to have more than one female lover.

Do you also believe it is ok for those female lovers to have other male lovers?

Or should the females live only to serve the male?

Robert Foo said...

reply to anonymous...

I fully agreed with u, it is rather unfair man can have more than one woman, when woman should be faithful to only a man. God should have created man to give birth to baby, then this problem wont arise. I hope my answer is acceptable.