Saturday, July 14, 2007

Are our youths spoiled and pampered?

Most Malaysian, especially the younger generation is lazy. They drive more than they walk. They prefer the air con than the warm of the outside. They hardly sweat and exercise. They eat more junk food than home cooked food. They have lousy manner and irresponsible. They want easy job with high salaries but with rotten qualifications and little experiences. With these attitudes and characters, how could we be able to compete with our neighbouring countries.

Look at the Chinese in China where they are prepared to work the peak and pay the least, and yet they don't complain. Their population is at 1.2 billion and if they had only 1% to be super smart and intelligent, they could have almost exceeded our population of only 26million. Not forgetting the Vietnamese is equally enterprising and willing to work hard. At this rate our youngsters are moving, I think one day, they have to be working for the Chinese or the Vietnamese rather than the foreigners be here working for us.

What I am writing is true facts of life coz I have two sons who are currently working in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong. Although many years back when they had graduated from London, they returned home to Malaysia to work. Sad to say, environment and circumstances have changed, when they feel that the opportunity is greater over in China now, where they have to seek their future there. Nonetheless by working in a different country, my both sons have changed tremendously their attitude and character. Today they ride on buses and trains more than they drive. Although they still have little time to exercise but they walk more than ever in their lives. By the constant walking and sweating, they have reduced at least 15 lbs each within the past 6months of their stay there. They have learned to be independence and responsible in their lives. They cook themselves more than eating outside. They learned to be thrifty rather than a spender. I know lives over there isn't easy when they have to face hardship and uncertainties. No parents would love to see their children suffer in any way. However with the thought that they are going to learn and understand life better, the suffering and hardship are worth living by.

Can't totally blame our young because we as parents are the causes of their wrongs. If we could have be more firm and serious with their up bringing, they would not have been these spoiled and pampered. These are the causes and effects of life. Unless we the parents admit our wrongs first, the youth would not have a chance to improve and correct themselves. With a saying, "Forgive and forget. Lets start a new again."

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