Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do you review your insurance programs?

This particular title is written for my fellow colleagues who sell life insurance. Although I have been in this career for more than 26 years, I seldom came across prospects or not my clients who were adequately insured. Those who had few policies were always sold by various agents from different companies. Most of them could have terminated some old plans along the way, when they met new agents. "Agents came and went." Most younger agents were not serious in this profession. When they found a better job, they would just leave the business, leaving the customers alone for another agents to serve. Those who stayed longer could have turned to recruiting and training of new agents. They rather built new agents than to built clienteles. So at the end of the journey, clients are seldom being served with established agents who are focus and serious in retaining this business.

Most agents are trained to sell 'first policy' to whoever they meet. They prefer to see new prospects as a way out to increase their personal sales. Without them realising, they expose their existing clients to other agents to prospect and sell as well. Selling life insurance is a profession career which needs understanding of life. Each time when an agent who has secured a sale from a new client, he has to commit his life long career to the customer. He has to be successful, to learn and to develop himself for further knowledge to serve his client's needs and want. The first policy is the doorway to knowing the client. After that is how much he put his love and passion over it. He should know when and how to review his client's programs from time to time. Making sure that the clients' dreams and needs are fulfilled. And at all time, the clients' interest and attention should be taken as first priority. If this method of selling and commitment are practised, no client would move to another agent and company, because no another agent could be better than the one who serves so well with dedication. I might be much older than many agents around, I strongly believe no younger agent has the ability to discourage my existing clients to cancel or switch their current insurances to them. The simple reason is, I have proven myself that I can stay in this business as an agent even after more than 26 years. I have not been distracted but to remain as a faithful humble agent to those I sold, as I really love selling life insurance. I have an unwritten law that to sell and to remain only with one principle company until the end of my time here. How I wish my fellow colleagues could sell the way insurance should be sold.

Food for thought - "To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first" - William Shakespeare.

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