Thursday, June 26, 2008

Over-weight can kill.

Just a few days ago, one of my client's staff passed away all of a sudden. She was admitted for difficulty in breathing and on the second day she died. The whole company was taken aback because she was only twenty eight years young, married without child yet. It was only two months back I spoke to her, when her employer took medical insurance for the entire company. I needed to see her personally because she was extremely fat and over-weighted. Nevertheless my company effected her cover with some loading. Thanks God! Although she had left, not one cent on her medical charges was paid by her boss or her family. The timely cover took care of her heavy medical bills on time.

Back in her office, all her colleagues were sad and emotional. They could not believe such a young sweet girl could die so soon in live. I was there to share their sorrow and sadness. As their insurance agent, I could understand the cause of death to this unexpected lady. I noticed most of the female existing staffs there are fat and over weight as well. Without fear, I took the courage to ask permission to speak to all the staffs on this uneventful incidence. They were listening.

I told them, she died because she could not breath when her heart was congested with fats. Nothing could be done now but life is always a learning lesson. If death could happen to her, it could strike to any one of us here too. I was direct to indicate that not only the decease was over-weight but many of them in their office were also heavy in size. Most ladies who are not married would take the trouble to look good and beautiful, but sad to tell them not when they got marry. Married working women always claimed that they don't have time. They have to work in the day and care for the family at night. One word, they take life for granted! I suggested to them that they should consider seriously to exercise regularly plus proper diet with good nutrition. Regular exercising will built strength and muscle. Good nutritious diet will allow better health. Not only they are healthier, they look better in shape and style. This is also another way to capture the interest of their husbands, as their wives are still attractive to them. My final conclusion to them; let this incidence be a lesson to all of us. Love your body and your health will take care of you.

I was glad all the working staffs accepted and took my advices positively. They promised to start exercising soon. Each of them had set a target to reduce their unwanted fat according to their age and height. They are afraid to die too soon and also scared to loose their darling husbands. The boss was equally happy that I was telling the truth of life. I am more happier than them because I had convinced them to stay longer in this world.

Food for the heart - Sharing what you love. Lend others your favourite book. Let someone borrow your favourite clothes. Allow somebody else to drive your car. Treat your family to your favourite food. Loving is in sharing and sharing is loving.


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
Congratulations to you!
You are sharing your kindness and you share it lovingly with your clients. You have pointed out to
them the Truth of Live and shared
your wisdom.
I love you!

From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

Truth always prevails. Thank you for commenting again.