Thursday, June 05, 2008

How to overcome and strengthen love relationship!

My recent article, 'Love has no comparison' captured some interest from many readers. One of them, Red Lavender was kind enough to add some details sharing on her past experiences plus ways to overcome setback with love relationship. Her sharing was written on the comment's column and with her permission, she agreed to allow me to post it again on today's title.

Red Lavender wrote, those that cannot be measured soon will need to be measured some how, some where... so I started the "5 words to describe your relationship"...and for the first glance my heart blurt few... but limit to 5 first.

1. deceit
2. no respect
3. friendship
4. to give, not takes
5. mentally tortured

Searched for
1. genuine
2. trust
3. sincerely honesty
4. soul mate
5. spiritual

1. tired (becoming fake)
2. empty, uncomfortable
3. fear
4. jealous
5. need to please (not sincere)

1. felt rejected
2. deceit
3. unintentional behaviour
4. cannot trust
5. lifeless (dead, no feeling)

1. to change
2. energetic
3. agreeable
4. prefect
5. aware of new requirements

1. ego
2. status review
3. yell at each other
4. curse
5. "ownership" syndrome

1. self control in all aspect
2. achieve one new things occasionally
3. spontaneous and joke
4. grow together and survive
5. review to improve

Hope this will make a different view of how to manage relationships...remember... we cannot do it alone... things don't just happen by happens because we allow them to happen.

PS.. Thank you for your contribution Red Lavender

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