Monday, June 30, 2008

Who is the most important person to you?

As I was about to get into my car, a sweet lady agent greeted me, "Hi! Robert, how are you? Is nice to meet you here. We had always wanted to learn from you. Would be good if you could give me a tip in selling."

I was actually busy but I knew it wasn't easy to talk sensibly over in the car when she was standing. I told her, "Ok! Let's have a cup of coffee nearby and perhaps I can squeeze 20 minutes with you."

Over in the cafe shop, I asked her again,"My dear, can you tell me who is the most important person to you at the moment? Without hesitation she said, "I love my dad. He isn't around any more. Robert, you look like my father and I enjoy talking with you."

She wanted a tip in selling. To be successful in selling, treat all your friends, clients, prospects or even strangers if you bound on them, as though they are like your father. As your dad is the most important person you love, naturally you will treat him with respect, kindness, patience, smiles, laughter, understanding and plenty of warm. You spoke with sincerity without the slightest thought of making money from him. You let him felt important and acceptance. You felt proud to be with him. You felt honour to be with him at all time. You were prepared to give anything he requested. You didn't feel bored to be with him. You talked with excitement and laughed so much when he was around. You melted his heart, until he felt for you as well.

I asked her, "My dear, can you treat everyone as important as you had treated your dad?" She stared at me in a haze without uttering a word. I continued, "I delayed my appointment to have this cup of coffee with you first. Coz I know you are too important for me at the moment. I hope you can follow my footstep and I am sure you will be successful in all your future undertakings. I am sorry, I have to go now." I rushed to pay the bill coz I seldom allow ladies to pay when they are with me.

My first rule in selling - "Treat all your prospects and clients as important as the one you love most at the moment."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
I am always grateful to whoever I meet, and I treat them as the most important person to me at that particular moment.

Fate made us get together amd we can learn from each other to better our lives.

From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

U are truly a great lady. Is my fate and luck that we meet here.

Paul Davidson said...

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